Saturday, May 16, 2015

Back to work!

Well after a major push last summer to paint the first floor rooms we lost a bit of steam and are just starting up again.

2014 Rooms Updated

1.  Interior Hallway painted
2.  Kitchen Painted
3.  Breakfast Room "Little Dining Room" Painted, (Oak Floors found!)
4.  Living Room Painted
5. 2nd Floor Bathroom gutted and redone.
6. 3rd floor bathroom, painted.
7. Interior Hallway Painted, railings fixed.

So What's Left?

  1. Dining Room
  2. Kitchen
  3. Rebuild the buffet upper cabinets
  4. Send the lead glass windows in to be fixed.
  5. Pantry (Current kitchen)
  6. 1st Floor Bathroom (I hate vinyl)
  7. Open the Stairwell 
  8. Fix the 2nd floor maple floors (Thanks grams)
  9. Rebuild the linen closet (Have the original doors)
  10. Fix the crumbling foundation. (Yikes)
  11. Electrical (oh that's a given)
  12. New Garage or something!
  13. Refinish the oak floors on 1st floor.
  14. Gut the Kitchen and Bathroom on 3rd Floor for the master bathroom.
  15. Roof & Overhangs
  16. Chimney
  17. Paint the house.
  18. Picket Fence

Our annual family holiday of "Trash and Treasure days" has come and gone and we have found many new Treasures out of the town trash piles.

My favorite is an old metal kitchen cabinet the eldest and I found.   With a lot of scrubbing of some unknown purple substance and a bit of sanding we now have a desperately needed pantry cabinet.  Keep tossing out your antiques people! I'll keep fixing them up.

All Manner of Nasty!

I think I have thing for this color. 

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