Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Disney Princess Steps, Behold the Power of Paint!

The Power of Paint shall be with you!   I had an old gallon of Disney paint from my house in Minneapolis and have transformed the Icky red painted steps and green walls of the central hallway.

You don't realize how bad it was, until you see it painted. 

No doubt I'll have to paint these every year to keep them looking fresh. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Face lifts and Other Stories

2014 Was all about the room facelifts as we continued our futile search for a contractor.
The kitchen and breakfast room received a good scrubbing and paint job as I hold out hope I can have a new kitchen sometime this decade.  My Kingdom for a Contractor!!!  Now, don't get all uppity on me, this kitchen is not original, it was added in the 1930's into a back porch and the original buffet was moved into what had been the kitchen.   I'll keep the buffet as I have the original stained glass windows.  

Our great find was an oak floor under the breakfast room vinyl flooring.   I'm still amazed at the great condition that is in having been hidden for decades under layers of ugly.   Unfortunately that meant, we could tile, so right now we have an extremely cheap peel n stick floor. 

Here you can see a bit of the oak floor under all that nasty!

This is John he gave up...

It's amazing what a bit of paint can do for a room.   That and a new counter and tin backsplash.