Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Restored Studio Apartment Kitchenette

The Studio Apartment Kitchenette

The studio kitchen is completed!The cabinet doors were removed and the hardware cooked in a crock pot with laundry soap to remove decades of old paint, (see previous posts), the walls repaired, new counter and back splash.  New laminate floors were laid as the kitchen floor was rotted through and through and large chunks missing.  I am not a fan of laminate but I'll live with this as basements where we live tend to be damp which is why I believe the original floor was full of dry rot.  When the main floor kitchen is completed this new counter in the studio will be replaced with matching butcher block.

Why yes, that is an Edison Bulb.
The perfect spot for the family vintage wine glass collection.

The husband's sign collection, just waiting for the hallway to be completed.