Monday, September 23, 2013

Designing a Teenage Boy's Room

Nothing seems to be more incompatible than a teenage boy's science fiction taste and Eastlake furniture. However, after multiple discussions and compromises I think we came up with a solution that works for both parents and a sci-fi aficionado.

The eldest teenager picked the yellow room, which sported an unworkable closet and truly terrible stripped curtains.  The room was emptied, the cracks repaired and after multiple arguments the room was painted "English Country" blue.

The desk was a freebie from a yard pick up day and was given several coats of "Woodlawn White," along with the radiator cover.  Now...Star Wars and Dr. Who may all live together in harmony with the Eastlake set.  Check back later for the window seat pictures, as the curtains are being hemmed.

A hot mess of teenage boy things!

Before...what a mess. 

Almost there!

The desk what to do about that dreadful chair?!

The Blueberry Arts Festival in Ely, MN was where I found the handcrafted display shelf.