Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bathroom Freshen up!

This past month has been all about a 1st floor bathroom makeover to remove the truly heinous 1980's vinyl wallpaper. This now marks the 3rd time I have participated in painting this room and the first time I'm even remotely pleased by it. The first two were...blech. Now this is not a restoration, nor is it the much needed remodel as we are saving that for the gutting of the adjacent kitchen next year. This was strictly a remove the wallpaper and freshen it up job. We did install a GFCI Outlet which gave Matt fits as the wiring was all wrong for it. The paper removal was done using wallpaper remover spray and the rolling tiger claw tool. Neither worked well and even with TSP to try and get the ancient paste off I still had to sand the entire wall. The color used is from the National Trust collection by Valspar: Cincinnatian Hotel Nichols Taupe.

When we actually do get to the total fix on this bathroom next year (god willing)...wainscoting, wiring, new medicine cabinet, hex tile floors, new sink and tub faucets.

Terrible 1980's Vinyl Wallpaper that refused to come off!

Horrid aftermath of removing wallpaper

The lovely after yay!

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